Terms of Use

Article 1 (Member)

1. "Member" refers to an individual or organization that has obtained the eligibility to use "Roland Account Service" / "Roland Content Store" by completing the necessary registration steps as prescribed by Roland.
2. "Member information" refers to information that a member has disclosed to Roland, including a history of transactions the member has made and other information.
3. These terms apply to all instances of usage of this service from the registration process to after registration is completed.

Article 2 (Registration)

1. Eligibility of Membership
Eligibility of membership is deemed to be possessed by entities who have completed the prescribed registration steps upon agreeing to these Terms of Use. Roland reserves the right to refuse membership to entities who have been revoked their eligibility of membership in the past or have been deemed to be undesirable by Roland.

2. Password Management
(1) The password can be used only by the member and cannot be transferred or lent to a third party.
(2) The member is responsible for the management of the password by taking steps such as regularly changing the password so that it does not become known to other parties.
(3) An expression of intent towards Roland made with the use of a password is deemed to be an expression of intent made by that particular member, and said member is responsible for all consequential payments and other expenses that may arise.

Article 3 (Changes)

1. The member shall expediently make changes to his or her registration in the event that there is a change in his or her email address, name, address or other information that was registered on the site.
2. Roland shall not be held liable for any damages that may occur due to such changes not being made by the member.

Article 4 (Cancelation of Membership)

Members who wish to cancel their membership must do so by taking the prescribed cancelation steps. Membership is canceled once these steps are completed.

Article 5 (Handling of Member Information)

Roland will handle all member information and information relating to members that it has obtained in accordance with rules prescribed in "Protecting Personal Information".

Article 6 (Prohibitions)

Members are prohibited from taking the following actions with regard to the use of this service.

1. Actions that are in violation of law, these Terms of Use, or other rules.
2. The registration of false information.
3. The lending or transferring of one's password to a third person or the sharing of the same with a third person.
4. Other actions that are deemed inappropriate by Roland.

Article 7 (Revocation of Eligibility of Membership and Liabilities)

1. Roland reserves the right to revoke the eligibility of membership of a member without notice in any one of the following cases with regard to said member:
(1) False information was included in the registered information.
(2) The member is found to have been the subject of a revocation of membership or other action in the past due to violation of these Terms of Use.
(3) Roland deems the member to be in violation of these Terms of Use.
(4) The member has not used the service for a prolonged period of time.
(5) Conditions arise such that make it difficult to send notification or communication to the member.
(6) Other cases where Roland deems there to be a reasonable reason to terminate the management of login information, member information or other information.

2. The member is liable for any damages that are incurred by Roland arising from actions on the part of said member that are in violation with these Terms of Use.

Article 8 (Changes to and Termination of Services)

Roland reserves the right to change or terminate all or parts of this service at its discretion without notice.

Article 9 (Interruptions to and Stoppages of Services)

Roland reserves the right to stop the provision of all or parts of this service without notice for the purpose of maintaining the service in sound operational order.

Article 10 (Revisions to These Terms)

Roland reserves the right to revise these Terms and/or define additional terms to complement these Terms (hereafter referred to as "Complementary Terms"). Revisions or complementations to these Terms come into effect when these revised and/or Complementary Terms are published on a web site designated by Roland. In such cases, members shall adhere to the revised Terms and Complementary Terms.

Article 11 (Applicable Laws and Resolution of Disputes)

The interpretations and application of these Terms of Use are governed by Japanese law. The Osaka District Court is the court of jurisdiction for first trials of all disputes regarding this service.